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We know how to reach the audiences that are important to you and keep their interest. The integrated programs we develop and media house connections help our clients establish and maintain market place leadership in rapidly changing environments. Pitch Consults guarantees monthly PR Value for Its clientele nform of news paper articles, magazines, Television, Radio interviews etc.


Banners, brochures, promotional graphics, bill boards, websites are just a few of many products in this category..done professionaly


Whether you want to create or rejuvenate a brand, We offer brand building services to guide you through a complete brand development. Our designers have solved creative challenges in a variety of industries and we can bring this expertise to yours as well. Our experiential and talented creative designers , our print production mastery, audio and video production can help you tell your story more effectively at every touch point so you can build a winning brand. Stretch your thinking and see your brand in a new light.


While many people know how to use social media, we are masters of it. We ensure that content is targeted so that your brand stands-out.


Marketing strategies. Event Marketing & Planning concepts. Marketing Mix Analysis. We develop and execute solid marketing strategies . Once we’ve identified your target market and decided on the segment we wish to focus on, we develop a winning strategy and proceed to execute it. How will the customer see your product? What is your message?, Do you wish to position your company next to your competitor or away. Such questions are put into consideration.


Are you planning a social, business or corporate event? Look no further than Pitch Consults Limited. With five years under our belt, Pitch Consults boasts of a team of professional event organizers armed with experience and knowledge to deliver the most unforgettable experience. At Pitch Consults, we design, set-up the location, invite the guests and even find the best talent for the event.


Not just the mentions, but lasting mentions. We ensure accurate and well thought content so that you get the most out of it.


We work with all the leading media houses to ensure that your content gets good coverage in the print media.

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